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Hello and welcome, I’m Scott and I am glad you’re here!

Over the past decade I have had the honor of working alongside people in all levels of clinical care, including; psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, addiction rehabilitation facilities, outpatient counseling centers, day programs and community mental health. I have served in various roles from life coach, teaching artist, music therapist, group facilitator and therapist. Throughout all of these roles, my relationships and experiences with clients have deeply changed, humbled and inspired me.

Through working with some of the most marginalized and disaffected populations, I have come to understand that human beings are always striving towards wholeness. Every person has a story and is doing their best in the context of those stories. For me, therapy is a personal and spiritual practice where I have a deep commitment to honoring your journey and my own.

I am also an artist and musician. I spent several years as a professional touring musician, songwriter and recording artist. I continue to write, record and perform and also compose for film and media. Making music brings me life and balance. I have also worked for years as a music therapist with teens and young adults where we use music to process trauma, express and regulate emotions, foster connection and hope.

I am passionate and dedicated to this creative and meaningful work and to all the remarkable people I am able to connect with. Reach out and schedule a free consult to explore working together

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